Sunday, June 26, 2011

Max On Life by Max Lucado

We all have the most challenging questions, genuine, extremely important questions that cannot be ignored, questions that defy answers
What proof do we have that the resurrection really happened? Do people who have never heard of God get to go to heaven? Why do bad things
 happen to good people? How can you teach a child humility without destroying his self-esteem? And what's really permissible in the Christian
 marriage bed?
As a pastor, Max Lucado received thousands of questions and wrestled with plenty of his own. Big questions about life and faith, heaven and hell
 and closer to home, dilemmas about sex, money, career, family, etc. In this book, Max answers all these questions - all 172 of them in a very
 down to earth, honest and biblical way.
Here Is where Max Lucado stands out- He responds in a way that not only answers the question, But does so by telling an enchanting story but
 includes Scripture Verses to support it.
I like the the down to earth, relateable style. Another winner from Max Lucado!!

I received a copy of this book free for my honest opinion, from Booksneeze

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