Monday, June 27, 2011

Left Behind by Jerry B jenkins and Tim LaHaye

This is a fictional account of the end times. The plot is accurately dipicted, as in the book of Revelation. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B jenkins
 have did a great job theorizing what the rapture and following times will be like. I was so into this book, that I couldn't put it down!
The characters were so believable, and draw you into their lives and turmoil. It is a scary thought that this could happen, and I think
they did a great job spreading the message about the rapture.The authors did an amazing job on the debut of this series. I could see the
chaos of a world after the Rapture. I felt the fear and the confusion. I almost felt as if I was there experiencing the rapture. Even if
 you have seen the movie, you really need to read the book. So much detail is left out in the  movie. I highly recommend this book to
christians and non-christians alike! This is only the first in a series , so definitely give this book a chance. You will not be

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