Monday, June 27, 2011


This book is as exciting as any of the others, plain and simple, if you have read the previous ten then you probably have no need to read this
 review. The books are that darn good that you can't stop reading them.
The imagery in this book is what makes it so good. Just picturing seeing the horses of the Apocalypse riding by you - there would be no words.
 There will be no denying Christ in the end days. The bible references continue in this book and I feel the book enhances the scripture and
stays with it. I love the writing because it makes it real and the situations are believeable. The characters are well developed by this time
if you have read the series all the way through. I love the story line and it is worth the read.  With Christ's return eagerly awaited,
 Tribulation Force member face the greatest trials thus far in the tribulation. In this book, we see major changes in the main characters.
 It is difficult to say who will survive until the Glorious Appearing. As the Antichrist's armies mass on the plains of Meggido, the tension
is as finger-biting level. This book is definitely one of my favorites of the series. I just love how Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins take so much
 scripture and turn it into a very fascinating fictional story that is highly based on truth.I loved this series, the books are exciting and
 are very quick reads. Pick up the first one, i'll bet you can't put them down after that!

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